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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picture of the Day: Blue eyeshadow!!

Some of my photography samples....

Remember i dont consider myself to be a professional photographer in any way shape or form!!!

Top Ten Makeup Tips

Here are some things to put into consideration when doing your makeup in the morning!!!!!!

  1. DONT over do it!  For example:overdone-makeup
  2. Keep it looking fresh and young. For example:hayden_panettiere_makeup1
  3. DONT change the color of your face with foundation. For example:catherine(way too dark Catherine!!!)
  4. DO NOT WEAR BLACK EYESHADOW TO SCHOOL!! For Example:makeup-tip-black-eye-shadow_articleimage
  5. DONT wear dark lipliner!! For Example:liplinercloseup
  6. DONT line every part of your eye with black eyeliner!! PICK ONE PLACE!! For example:sparkly-make-up3
  7. DONT over pluck your eyebrows!!! For Example:overpluck1
  8. DONT go overboard with sparkles! For Example300px-holiday_sparkle
  9. DONT try to impersonate Barbie! For Example:makeupbarbie1
  10. Be your self.....standoutinacrowd1

Teen Makeup Guide

Foundation: I would recommend a light coverage foundation considering age. Go to a counter and have someone match a foundation to your skin. Also when buying one put into perspective the type of skin you have. Whether it be dry, oily, or just in-between.
Concealer: Purchase a concealer that matches your skin tone. It should melt into your skin. Then buy one that is one shade lighter than your skin tone for your under eye circles.
Powder: Use a translucent powder to set your foundation with. It will help to smooth out your skin and also keep your foundation on your skin all day long.
Blush: I would recommend a blush that looks natural on your skin. Make sure that its nothing too glittery or shimmery for your cheeks. Matte blushes are better for younger girls. To find the perfect blush shade pinch your cheeks and then match a blush to your flushed cheeks.
Lipstick: If you insist on wearing a lipstick then pick one that is neutral or one that matches your lip color.
Eyeliner: I would suggest using a brown or brownish black to line your upper lash line and the outer third of your lower lash line. For young ages i would skip the waterline for now. If your that kind of person that like colored eyeliner than wear it either the upper OR lower lash-line.
Eyeshadow Base: I would use a primer for your eyeshadow to prevent the shadows from collecting in one place also know as creasing. Bases also help shadows stay on longer and intensify the color of them. Some eye bases i would recommend include:
mac paint pots
too faced shadow insurance
urban decay primer potion
nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils
Eyeshadows: Try to stay along the lines of NEUTRAL SHADOWS such as beige, tan, gold, brown, yellow, and peach tones.
(dont buy everything i say just get to what fits your everday routine!)
p.s. Smile..Sparkle..Shine!!


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